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At a Fortune 100 Company, conducted Business transformation initiatives in their Sales and Delivery Organization. The purposes of these engagements were to globalize their processes and also help automate and make them more efficient. A brief synopsis of the Projects is given below:

  • Re-engineered the Global Alliance Process to define and maintain alliances more efficiently. Developed a Notes database to gather and maintain data real time to enhance the Process design. Total cost was $2.5MM with a IRR of 80% and total increase in Revenue Projections of $ 125MM
  • Developed a Sales and Incentive Planning process for their Global organization using a notes database to capture and maintain Annual Plans and Sales performances. Reduced cycle time in the Annual planning process by 50%, adding to a potential increase in Revenues of $ 800MM
  • Developed a worldwide Process to web enable all Invoices for the organization. This included re-engineering process, system integration and web development using BPO methodology. Lead to a potential savings in working capital of $ 250MM in the first year due to reduced Accounts Receivables.

Implemented an enterprise wide operations improvement project at a Client packaging snacks and toys for the retail industry. Objectives were to improve productivity and order fulfillment cycle time, reduce working capital, improve cash flow for the future growth of the company

  • Productivity gains of over 30% due to faster changeovers on machines, better monitoring of personnel on machines, TPM Programs, which reduced down time.
  • Inventory (DSI) levels reduced from 35 to 24 days and turns increased from 7 to 12.
  • EBITDA for 1999 was 50% above that in 1998

For a manufacturer of cranes and forklifts with Revenues of over $ 1 Billion.

  • Developed performance measures and linked them to employee evaluation and compensation.
  • Provided training to management in the areas of Team Launches, Group Problem Solving and Behavioral changes.

At a $ 350 Million company making consumer products like water filters, air cleaners and fans:

  • Developed and maintained performance Metrics
  • Trained senior management staff in the use of Communication tools and processes
  • Helped increase awareness of the executive team of the direction the business was headed in and also consolidated efforts and built a team environment to resolve the major barriers for growth

Led a taskforce at a $750 M manufacturer and distributor of industrial gases, to reduce Accounts Receivables by $12M. This was achieved by centralizing operations nationwide, developing better cash application procedures, change in credit policies and re-organization in the collection departments.


Modeled a factory to determine bottleneck stations using proprietary software at a $200M manufacturer of night vision goggles.

  • Identified setup reduction on constraint stations by 60%
  • Identified reduction in scrap and rework by 50%
  • Increased capacity on existing machines by 30%
  • Identified reduction in manufacturing cycle time by 50%

Lead setup reduction efforts at an air tools manufacturer with Revenues of $100M

  • Reduced setups by 60% on constraint stations in machine shop leading to labor savings of $ 500,000 in the first year
  • Conducted cell implementation analysis including GT Matrix, capacity planning, factory layouts, manpower needs, material process flow, etc
  • Developed enterprise wide and order fulfillment metrics to measure performance

Implemented a Vendor performance program at a manufacturer of road paving equipment with Revenues of $150M. This lead to an annualized savings of $ 1M on purchased parts in the first year

  • Reduced supplier lead time by 40%
  • Reduced scrap by 50% through quality measures
  • Implemented a project to identify and outsource parts uneconomical to produce in-house

Revenue Generation

  • Increased business for a commodities trading company from $12MM to $ 17MM in one year
  • Negotiated an annual contract to supply timing chains from India to a leading automobile manufacturer worth $1 Million
  • Generated new business of $3 Mill. In Europe for a pharmaceuticals manufacturer based in India