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Crescent Consulting has implemented technological transfers and marketing strategies for Clients across Asia, Europe and USA. Technological transfers implemented by our task force include:

  • SUBMERSIBLE PUMPS (Germany to India)
  • PCB Equipment (Denmark and USA to India)
  • Negotiating and initiating a project to manufacture submersible pumps in India under collaboration with Pleuger - Worthington Gmbh., Germany. Total value of transfer of project was $15MM
  • Implemented a project to manufacture drafting aids for Printed Circuit Boards in collaboration with Bishop Graphics Inc., USA. Managed entire project, including completing transfer of technology, import machinery, tools and materials and payment of royalties. Total transfer of project cost was $ 5MM.
  • Started a plant in collaboration with Relaematic A/S, Denmark, to manufacture PCB Fabrication equipment like precision drilling machines, etching machines, exposing machines and inspection equipment. Project cost of $ 3MM.
  • Installed a plant to manufacture Computer Cleaning Products with Perfect Data Corp., USA. The cost including Royalties was $ 2.5MM

    Past Milestones

  • Reduction in setup time of 75%
  • Reduction in short shipments of 50%
  • Reduction in bulk materials of over 30%
  • Increase in EBITDA of 50%
  • Increase in ROIC of over 25%
  • Reduction in packaging materials of over 40%

Customized solutions without compromising on quality have been one of our core objectives since inception. And to achieve this, we stretch ourselves by outsourcing top-notch talent available in the industry. A unique combination of customized management consulting and value-driven solutions integrated with the core strengths of our global alliance partners in Europe and USA, Clients avail solutions at our single stop shop.